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Mapamondo Tienda Online

Woohoo! Este Lunes 21 de Diciembre por fin llega la fecha que por lo menos yo (y estoy seguro que la gran mayoría de los que ya conocen he estado esperando con ansías: El gran lanzamiento de su tienda en línea.

Loe mejor de comprar en es la facilidad con la que puedes hacer tus pagos; ya sea con tarjeta de crédito, de débito vía Paypal, pago en efectivo en tiendas Oxxo (¿quién no tiene una a máximo 3 cuadras?) y los pasos tan sencillos para tener la música de tus artistas favoritos.

Así que ya saben, empiecen a abrir sus cuentas en Mapamondo y a visitar la tienda en línea a partir de este 21 de Diciembre dónde podrán encontrar música, videos, rarezas y fotos de sus artistas.

Porque en Mapamondo sosn fans de los fans... ¿qué mejor regalo podrían darnos esta Navidad?

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domingo, 10 de mayo de 2009

Happy Mothers Day MY MOM!!!! to my GRANNY!!! to my AUNTS!!!

...and to my friends that are moms, and my cousins that are moms!!!

...and to every other mommy in the world!

oh!... and to my mother-in-law too.


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miércoles, 29 de abril de 2009

Pfabulous at 51

Happy Birthday to the Goddess MICHELLE PFEIFFER... Today she turns 51.... 51! And she still look stunning.

I'm not going to limit myself to a top 5 for her, because I love her so much I just couldn't. So, instead, I'm doing a TOP 20!

here we go...


20.Beth Cappadora in The Deep End of the Ocean: Uneven performance, but with some really marvelous moments, like when she's talking to his son in jail... great chemistry between them.

19.Rita in I Am Sam: The only effing good thing about this movie. She elevates the material and knows her game.

18.Sukie Ridgemont in The Witches of Eastwick: You believe her naiveness as the easily-pregnant witch. Plus, she has great chemistry with all of her co-stars.

17.LouAnne Johnsson in Dangerous Minds: The film itself doesn't make her any favors, actually, it's the other way around. She lifts the movie.

16.Lurene Hallet in Love Field: I like this performance less than the consensus I guess, but still is really a good performance fill with charisma and honesty.

15.Laura in Wolf: The movie is hers. I really don't like this film, but she is so great in it that I can watch it multiple times just for her.

14.Velma Von Tussle in Hairspray: What a return, ah? Singing and acting at the same time. Just Pfeifferlicious! Love the way she portrayed the sarcasm and irony in the character.

13.Katya in The Russia House: Not because of the accent, but just the way she delivers her lines and expresses everything with her face.

12.Melanie Parker in One Fine Day: One of her most underrated performances and film. You can tell she had a really good time doing this.

11.Lamia in Stardust: Oh my... I love her playing evil. But playing evil and kinda goofy was just great stuff. She steals every scene she's in, and every scene she's not in too becase you keep reminding her.

10.Angela de Marco in Married to the Mob: A hell of a ride is her performance here. Über-funny.

9.Elvira in Scarface: I think she was supposedly to just be pretty (gorgeous actually), but she does much much more, she acts, she gives a terrific performance where you actually feel that/what Elvira is feeling.

8.Claire in What Lies Beneath: Wooow... I have such a fixation with her eyes that if I ever direct a movie and she stars in it I would totally be obssessed with close-ups to those green jewels. She really actes with them, you can see the insecurity, the terror, the fear, the pity, every feeling in them.

7.Frankie in Frankie & Johnny: I'm not familiar with the original source material, I've just heard that she's miscast beacause Frankie is suppose to be non-attractive. For that reason they have a point. But, and here's a big BUT, without de-glamming (that much) she portrays a REAL woman, you can see how insecure she is even when she pretends to be a confident girl. Performance-wise she was really the perfect choice.

6.Rose Cook Lewis in A Thousand Acres: Everyone seems to agree that the film is not great. Also, everyone seem to agree that Jessica Lange is the only bright spot in the film. For me, without demeriting Lange, Pfeiffer is the one to thank for the parts when you can see what a great film it could have been.

5.C. Ellen Olenska in The Age of Innocence: Martin Scorcese, I think, is mostly known for his work with guys, but he has actually deliver amazing performances by women. Here one of them. The character is sort of what Michelle is actually in the media, and "outcast", because she has never really been considered a great actress by her fellow actors. For me, one of her most defining roles.

4.Madame de Tourvel in Dangerous Liaisons: Glenn Close is fantastic in this, and still Pfeiffer proves to be a great counterpart, not actually sharing great movie-time but with the amazing contrast in characterization they both make. You believe in the innocence and the naiveness of her character and the way she step-by-step convinced by Malkovich.

3.Ingrid Magnussen in White Oleander: The way she looks and act that "icy" and at the same time that "warm" is magnificent... well, she doesn't actually feels "warm", but you can see Ingrid actually caring for her daughter. And again, her eyes... she is so convincely acts with her face and especially her eyes that you would believe anything she says.

2.Selina Kyle/Catwoman in Batman Returns: She makes you belive it's possible all that happens in this movie just by portraying her Catwoman so freakin' good. The way she move, the way she talks, the way she looks... there's such specificity in this that it's impossible not to believe the character is real, when it's everything but.

1.Susie Diamond in The Fabulous Baker Boys: Everything she does great, she does in here. She shows you emotion by acting with every inch of her body; she sings her ass off; she looks gorgeous and sexy; she's funny as hell; she knows when to stop the funny and be dramatic. Don't know how it is possible that she lose that Oscar but this performance is really for the ages. Pure perfection

Batman Returns

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Abre los Ojos

Ms. Cruz

Penélope Cruz turns 35 today... Happy Birthday Ms. Cruz.

In celebration, here are my TOP 5: Penélope Cruz performances...

5.Sofía in Abre los Ojos

4.Macarena in La Niña de Tus Ojos

3.María Elena in Vicky Cristina Barcelona

2.Raimunda in Volver

1.Italia in Non ti Muovere (Don't Move)

Altough she has a pretty underrated career I would say... (She did Good-to-Great performances in Elegy, Jamón Jamón, Todo Sobre Mi Madre, Bendito Infierno, Bandidas y Belle Epoque -haven't seen Los Abrazos Rotos-)

domingo, 19 de abril de 2009

It's Been A Year

...since I first met you.

Maybe the most wonderful year of life... and I say maybe 'cuz there's a lot to come.



sábado, 18 de abril de 2009

Ave Maria Bellisima!

In celebration of the 42nd Birthday of Maria Bello... here's a Top 5 of her performances ;) with a 5 or less words description of my feelings about it.

5.Polly in Thank You For Smoking... Dependable.

4.Dr. Sabian in Assault on Precinct 13... Better than the film deserves.

3.Marcia in The Sisters... Elevating the material.

2.Natalie in The Cooler... Her real breaktrough.

1.Edie Stall in A History of Violence... Magnificent! Best Actress of 2005.

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martes, 14 de abril de 2009

What Can I Do?

Really... It's not like I'm a superhero or something...

I just can say that I love you.

Would You Want To Know?

Emma Caulfield as Oona in TiMER

I so want to be at the Tribeca Film Festival!!!!
That's where this movie "TiMER" will premiere on the 26th...

The movie is about a device that tells you exactly who is "the one" for you and the exact time when you meet him/her...

Is this device existed for real... Would you want to know?

Why can't I be rich?

Here's the Trailer ;)

domingo, 12 de abril de 2009

I Can't Wait

This is a list of the 2009 movies I can't wait to watch...

1.Where the Wild Things Are (dir. Spike Jonze; starring: A bunch of "wild creatures" and a kid)

2.Nine (dir. Rob Marshall; starring: 6 Oscar Winners, 1 Oscar Nominee and Fergie : s )

3.Avatar (dir. James Cameron; starring: SIGOURNEY WEAVER!!!!!!!!!!)

4.Inglorious Basterds (dir. TARANTINO!; starring: Brad Pitt and a lot more)

5.Cheri (dir. Stephen Frears; starring: The Best Actress That Have Ever Lived -and the Most Gorgeous One- Michelle Pfeiffer)

5 others I REALLY wanna see: Los Abrazos Rotos, Away We Go, The Lovely Bones, Veronika Decides to Die and The Tempest.

sábado, 11 de abril de 2009

Happy Easter

Hi everyone (if anybody) reading this... I just want to say this:


Oh... and Anya wishes you a Happy Easter too (just... you know with much less bunnies)

Te Amo, I Love You

First entrance... What better way to start than with the song that inspired the blog's title...

by Ely Guerra

En el cielo se puede ver mi sonrisa amanecer
yo no soy la de ayer, I love you...
sobresalto aquí en mi interior

me tomó por sorpresa y yo

ya no soy la de ayer, I love you...

corazones pintaba yo

en la espera de un nuevo amor...
yo arriba por favor, mi amor, déjalo

en la espera de un nuevo amor

corazones pintaba yo
luz prendida por favor, mi amor, déjalo

Te quiero sólo a ti, yo te miro y siento mi latir
ya agudo el corazón yo te veo y te deseo aquí
en mi interior
corazones pintaba yo

en la espera de un nuevo amor...

no mi vida, por favor, no mi amor, déjalo
en la espera de un nuevo amor
corazones pintaba yo...
necesitas mi calor, mi amor, mi perdón

mi evolución, mi dolor, mi pasión,

mi confusión, mi ebullición, mi devoción,

mi perdición, mi corazón, mi corazón,

mi corazón...

p.s. I Love You Amorchan